Tears for Tatay and Nanay


I cried twice today. Sad movies – in this case, Troy and White Oleander – make me cry.

The one thing common about the two films is the way parents manifest their love for their children. In Troy, King Priam sacrificed pride, dignity, and his life by begging his enemy (and his son’s murderer) for his son Hector’s body. I am ashamed to admit that I have not read Homer’s Illiad (being a degree holder in Literature and all) where this movie was based upon, and I’m sure I will shed oceans of tears when I do.

Astrid’s mom, on the other hand, had to deal with the enemy the hard way in White Oleander. The enemy was, as Astrid puts it, “ourselves”. They lived alone together for years, thinking it would be safer that way. Mom would not allow her past to ruin her daughter’s future, which it almost did.

I am not a parent, nor would I ever be one, I think. That’s why the love of parents for their children will forever be a mystery to me. I can never claim to understand why they do the things they do for the love of their children.

I never said “I love you” to either of my parents. Somehow, I think they know that I do. I know other people will say I still need to express the love in words, but they don’t know my parents. Even I can’t claim that I know them that much. I just know that we know how much we love each other. No mere words can describe it. That’s what matters. And that’s what makes me cry.

One thought on “Tears for Tatay and Nanay

  1. Hay, kurot sa puso naman itong entry na ito! It’s no wonder that moms (or dads, i dont know if it applies though) really mellow when they get to have offsprings. Guess something happens the moment you feel life growing inside you and it intensifies when you go into labor and any hardship or pain disappears when you finally see and hold them in your very own arms. Its just really magical (ayan, naiiyak na ren ako). Just thinking how Kai has made my life beyond complete fills my last thoughts at night before I go to sleep and I cant imagine what life wold be like if he was not around — seeing him magically grow up into a bigger boy, much like his Dad is a never ending movie I dont get tired of watching. Hearing him sing happy birthday to Mommy in the shower feels like the whole world has given me roses and daisies on my feet. hearing him make quips and weasel his way out of tough situations make me think I’ve finally perfected something in life when all else before Kai could have been a failure.
    It IS a mystery. Baka yung susunod na baby, pangalanan ko ng ganun…Love him with all my heart and without batting an eyelash, yes, pwede akong mamatay at pumatay para sa kulitipie kong Malakai…


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