I like listening to people’s stories and writing them not because it’s what I do, but because they can’t…or are afraid…or embarassed.

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Would you like me to tell your story for you?

Why Kirei?

I got the monicker “Kirei” from my college newspaper editor, Wewe. It was supposed to be “kiri” as another editor, Rey, originally intended. That was not because I was coquettish as the word implies, but I was more like everybody’s “plaything”. I’m game to almost everything. Koboy and makulit, as we Pinoys would put it. Wewe, the gentleman that he is, preferred “Kirei” since it sounds sweeter. I didn’t know that it means “beautiful” in Japanese. Awww, shucks….or maybe Wewe didn’t know that, either. Oh, well….so there!