A visit from Tatay

For the first time since Tatay passed away six years ago, he came to me in my dream. In my dream, he held my hand firmly. He gave me reassuring words that everything will work out. He said they are talking things out as we speak. In my dream, his hand felt so real. It was stronger than I remember. It was warm and full … Continue reading A visit from Tatay

Zak is home

God finally took Rafi Zakkari Faigao Feliciano home. Little Zak passed away at around the same time he was born — exactly two months after he was born. He no longer suffers. He now breathes freely…without the tubes…without the syringes…without the meds…without the pain of seeing the anguished faces of his daddy, mommy, and kuya. Grace and I were silent for a full minute over … Continue reading Zak is home

Dreaming of Christmas for Zakkari

Little Zakkari Rafi was born two months early. He probably couldn’t wait to make his mom smile and hear his brother Malakai Rei sing. Today, 4 days before Christmas, he’s still in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and making slow progress toward full recovery. Yesterday, mom Greis said little Zak was able to take in breastmilk for the first time — 25 days from … Continue reading Dreaming of Christmas for Zakkari