Death of the White Rabbit?

So, the White Rabbit candy is allegedly one of those Chinese products that contain melamine — a chemical substance that supposedly enhances the protein content of milk. This year, it has killed around 5 children and caused illness to more than 50,000 children in China. Last year, it was also reported to have formaldehyde. (source: )

Poor White Rabbit. It was a major part of my childhood, until my early adult life. I loved that hard candy, and I love the soft variety even more for its rice paper wrapper. As a kid, I loved the way the paper wrapper melted in my mouth. It wasn’t delicious. In fact, it tasted like, well, paper (yes, as a kid, my curiosity compelled me to taste paper). Perhaps it’s the thrill of eating something that’s not usually supposed to be eaten that excited me.

Today, it’s one of the products being recalled from the market. Sigh.

I remember one time, as a young professional working somewhere in West Avenue, my colleagues and I went to a neighborhood sari-sari store to buy snacks. The store, owned by old spinsters Bess and Carol, had two garapons (glass jars) containing the two variants of White Rabbit. Imagine our amusement when we read the labels of each jar: Imported White Rabbit (for the soft variety), and Philippine Rabbit (for the hard, and supposedly local, variety). Wala lang. Nakakatawa e.

If this indicates the death of the White Rabbit, then it will go down my list of childhood goodies that I miss: Tarzan , tira-tira, Texas , Beatles cookies, and Bazooka. Tootsie Roll, I believe, is still out there. And Marie (biscuit) has changed its packaging.

Hay, buti na lang may plastic balloon pa. Don’t tell your kids about this, but I used to chew on the gummy leftover after I pop the balloon. I don’t swallow it, but I like the toxic taste it leaves in the mouth. Sick, I know, but I was a weird child. Today, I’m a weird grownup who still thinks (and acts) like a child. May nagbago naman, kahit papano 😛

4 thoughts on “Death of the White Rabbit?

  1. Haay. Nakakalungkot diba. Because of melamine, ( “may laman” sabi ng ibang kulit na Pinoy), all our childhood favorites seems to be slowly getting lost. I hope Haw flakes and champoy doesnt follow suit.


  2. Meron pa bang Serg’s — jan nasira ipin ko before even going to school e (ibili ba naman ako ng tatay ko ng isang crate!) Let me go through my own garapon of memories to check for whats no longer alive…wag ngayon. pressure e. May ina-upload pa ko… hay… pag binigyan ko ng plastic balloon si kai, malamang lang, lunukin! Ilang bubble gum na nasa loob ng tyan non e! 😦


  3. May Serg’s pa sa mga groceries (I think). As of today, October 8, news reports say production of White Rabbit is back. I guess you can’t break a good candy that easily 😉


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