Children of yesterday

He laughed heartily when I clicked the lock on the doorknob. Clapping his hands and jumping with glee, he asked me to do it again. You can’t say no to a request like this, especially if it comes from a child who has autism. I did as requested for several times more. At some point I felt awkward,…

Family affection

That’s how we were, and that’s how I am now with the rest of my family. Maybe it’s because I don’t remember getting hugged or kissed by my parents when I was growing up. I don’t remember kissing and hugging them, either. Same with the rest of my siblings.

It’s complicated

It shouldn’t have gotten complicated, but it did. Strange how easy it is for me to offer solutions to other people’s problems, and in the same breath find it difficult for me to solve my own. I would say, “this, too, shall pass,” to friends who need comfort. That favorite line of mine from My…

Zak is home

God finally took Rafi Zakkari Faigao Feliciano home. Little Zak passed away at around the same time he was born — exactly two months after he was born. He no longer suffers. He now breathes freely…without the tubes…without the syringes…without the meds…without the pain of seeing the anguished faces of his daddy, mommy, and kuya….

Never give up

I stood outside the nursery window, watching Greis caress her frail little baby boy Rafi Zakkari. Zak raised his feeble left arm in response, as if wanting to reach out and touch his mommy’s hand. But he couldn’t. He could only lift his arm by half an inch. I have seen this scene a few…