Finding the answer in Psalm 22

I endure the sound of blaring sirens. I try to help those who seek me. I break down for the suffering. I cry out to God.

Pandemic schmandemic

By the time I got home, I felt like I was getting sick myself. I reeked of sweat, dust, smoke and heat. My head was throbbing and my throat was parched.

A loner’s voice in quarantine

Intros prefer to be alone in a crowd, but we don’t want to be lonely, either. We love spaces, big wide spaces where our minds can fly.

In His time

To this day, we continue to kill Him. We’re worse than COVID-19.

Hindi na Bali

Sumabay ako sa agos ng milenyo. Nakigulo, naki-ingay, naki-selfie, nakikain, nakipag-habulan sa oras na hindi ko hawak. Bitin. Sobrang bitin.