In His time

To this day, we continue to kill Him. We’re worse than COVID-19.

Jesus, my safety harness

They jumped! They probably left their hearts on the ledge when they jumped, but damn, they did it.

Black Saturday miracles

I started Black Saturday with a 6AM run. I pushed myself harder this time, helping me finish 5 minutes earlier than my previous run. I felt so good. Spent, but good. In the afternoon, I huffed and puffed as I climbed the hill of Caleruega toward the Tent Chapel of Transfiguration. The sky was getting…

Tough love

When God sent his only Son to serve as ransom for all sinners, it must have been really hard. Harder it must have been for Jesus to know that he was bound to suffer, be tortured, mocked, and eventually die. He knew. Yet Jesus accepted with his whole heart, all for the glory of his…