In His time

I’ve lost track of time, and it doesn’t matter. I’ve always been used to staying indoors. Most of the time anyway. This time should be different because the world is under a pandemic threat. Or should it?

When Jesus died as man, he didn’t contract any virus as deadly as the coronavirus. By now, the faithful knows that He did it to save mankind. I’m inclined to think that we are the virus. The only difference is, He chose us. He didn’t put himself in quarantine. He didn’t stay home. He went out to touch people, cure them from diseases, preach to them about the kingdom of the Father, and yeah, suffered and died.

To this day, we continue to kill Him. We’re worse than COVID-19.

We kill Him every time we sin. The bible says Jesus will be back for a second coming because, well, why not? We need saving. Again. “Look, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, to repay everyone as their deed deserves”. (Revelation 22:12). Hala! At the rate we’re going, that reward might turn into punishment. What do you think?

We can’t even follow the simple quarantine protocol of staying home. We curse at the president, the DOH, the senators, the local government leaders, and just about anyone who we deem incompetent in handling this health crisis. We call each other stupid because of disagreements. We give each other labels — DDS if you’re pro-Duterte, and Dilawan if you’re against him. We mock. We ridicule. We throw the proverbial stone.

At the same time, we call for unity. We praise the frontliners. We give donations. We help in any way we can. Heck, we even pray.

We are such hypocrites. I know I am. I stay home, but go out for grocery every week. I encourage positivity yet deplore ineptitude. I am incredulous at Duterte’s friendship with China yet dismiss his profanity and proclivity for execution.

There’s just too many things going on, yet there is nothing happening at the same time. The internet is alive, while the streets are dead. And so I choose to stay locked inside as much as I can. This is the only place I feel safe. This is where I can drown out the noise with my own silence. This is where I can be still. This is where He will find me.

I don’t think I’m ready, but I want that reward. This time is no different than any other time, pandemic or not. It’s His time, so I won’t keep track.

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