Tough love

When God sent his only Son to serve as ransom for all sinners, it must have been really hard. Harder it must have been for Jesus to know that he was bound to suffer, be tortured, mocked, and eventually die.

John 12-27

He knew. Yet Jesus accepted with his whole heart, all for the glory of his Father’s name. Remember, Jesus was human when all these things happened. He saw the madness, heard the harsh accusations, felt the painful scourging, tasted cheap wine as he went through a slow death. Until the very end, He never cursed or hated His tormentors. All that time, the Father saw everything that happened to His beloved Son.

Tough love. This has always been my inspiration whenever I need to be strong for the people I care about. I have been called from being extra harsh to being righteous because I speak with candor. But I speak with faith that they will understand me simply because we love each other. It may not come soon, or not happen at all, but I am willing to take the risk.

I may also be wrong for being too straightforward, but this does not change my good intentions.

I believe that God touches us in different ways. For me, I feel Him both during desperate and joyful times. If I have to be tough with the people I love, it’s because I feel that God wants me to be true and honest with them as much as I can. And so I will always be.

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