12 Days of Reconnection, Day 11: Praying in the Rain

There are circumstances in life that test our faith. I have several of those for 10 years now, and my faith is the only one that’s keeping me strong. On the penultimate day of my 12 days of reconnection, I sought His mercy for a miracle.

It rained the whole day, and I took it as a shower of His grace.

I was hoping to catch the 9AM healing mass at Kamay Ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon for my ailing sister and Nanay. Fighting off hunger and drowsiness behind the wheel, I could only manage to drive us there 25 minutes behind schedule. However, we were told at the gate that there would be no mass that day because the officiating priest is on a recollection.

A little disappointed, we proceeded to go to the church to offer our prayers. My brother-in-law and I then climbed up to the Via Dolorosa grotto with the 50-foot statue of Jesus at the top of the hill. The climb was surprisingly easier than I expected despite the rain, which has made the stone steps slippery. I kept reminding myself that this is for my family as I took each step carefully.

Via Doloroso grotto overlooking the healing church.



Reenactment of Jesus praying in the garden of Gethsemane
Could this be the same kind of weather when Jesus died for our sins?
He meets everyone with open arms.

I kept going around the complex, climbing up a smaller hill on the other side with stone steps even more slippery because of all the moss. Drenched in a mixture of sweat and rainwater, I finished my solo mini-pilgrimage before rejoining my family who were waiting for me by the dining hall.

Reenactment of Adam and Eve being banished by an angel from the garden of Eden.
Noah’s Ark over the sea of Galilee.
Abraham and his favorite son, Isaac. Whoever these vandals named “John” and “Rose” are, I hope you realize the significance of what you did.

I included this trip in my series of reconnections for my sister and mother. On the drive back home, I suddenly remembered what my priest friend told me several years ago: “When you pray, don’t feel guilty about including what you want for yourself.” I can’t expect others to pray for me. That would be presumptuous.

What happened today was that God brought us there to give us hope for complete healing, while at the same time helping me complete what could be the most significant 12 days of my life. If this is God’s will, then I will choose praying in the rain every time.

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