Coldplay live in Manila, and the “everglow” it left in my heart

Because that’s what it is in this life. We are all going through some kind of pain. We just have different ways of dealing with it. Some conceal it with cheerfulness, hoping the pain will either be contained or completely heal. That, I guess, is my everglow.

Dream, passion and all that blah

Passion, on the other hand, is for suckers. They are aware of the pains that go with the pursuit, and yet they do it anyway. Why? Because they take pleasure in the pain, knowing that once they reach their peak, the reward is ethereal. Otherworldly. Hedonic.

Naglaro sa Singapore, day 3

Kapag turista, walang hiya-hiya. Baket, magkikita ba kayo ulit ng mga locals? Unless, isa sa kanila ang “the one” mo. Ewan ko sa yo.