12 Days of Reconnection, Day 8: The Simple Life

Today being the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I decided to spend the 8th day of my 12 days of reconnection in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church in Tagaytay City for some reflection. The photos I’m sharing will speak for the kind of serenity this place offers for the searching soul.

our lady of lourdes parish church

A replica of the grotto in France.
candle chapel
Candle Chapel where we light candles for loved ones who have passed.



On my way back, I picked up some local delicacies along the way. By the time I got to the highway, I passed by this place called “Abundant Place Cafe”. I actually noticed it on the way to the Church earlier, and now that I drove past it again, something urged me to double back.

The facade is not extraordinary, but quaint enough to catch my attention. However, what I found inside was really comforting. It is the kind of solace that a weary traveler will find perfect as a respite from the long travel from home. I tried the palitaw (porous and chewy rice cake) topped with chocolate, desiccated coconut and pinipig (rice crispies). It came with a soothing warm cup of chocolate beverage. I was also given a tea cup of tarragon to wash down the sweet and filling snack.

Quiet and seemingly isolated from the crowd of tourists, this place is ideal for intimate dining. It also has a hall at the back that can accommodate up to 50 people that’s enough for a small wedding, meeting or various family occasions. There is a bedroom with three single beds that may be used as a dressing room and temporary resting place for guests.

The garden at the back gives the touch of soothing nature, with plenty of space for parking.








Souvenir shop




Cute toilets

function hall1.jpg

Palate-hugging palitaw


This day is definitely spirit-filling, reconnecting me to my inner love for the simple things, the silence, and the quietude.

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