12 Days of Reconnection, Day 7: Name My Bike

I need a name for my new bike. I hope I get suggestions. Here’s a background that might help.

For easier reference in this post, I shall temporarily call it Beki.

The nameless bike, temporarily called Beki,

The last time I rode a bike, it’s all leg muscle. When my legs get tired, I would just stand on the pedals and push with my body.

Now I feel like a newbie again. Beki’s handlebar has all these levers that’s supposed to help me either speed up or pedal easier on steep slopes. I have yet to figure out which one does what.

When did biking ever become so complicated? I just wanted to save gas! And stay physically active. In that order.

I bought two LED lights (hello, Decathlon!). One is attached on the handlebar, and the other at the rear on top of the wheel..

I rode Beki home the night I bought it. Stupid, I know. I realized it on the first two meters. Visibility was low because I had no headlights yet to guide me through the busy roads. I wobbled a bit, trying to keep my hands steady on the handlebar. It was like that the rest of the 2-km ride home. It felt like 10k because of the effort.

The following day, I went to Decathlon for a cheap pair of LED lights (P130), protective glasses (P200), and a couple of riding shirts and padded shorts. If you can’t ride like a pro, at least do it in style.

On my 7th day of reconnection, I tried a longer ride to reacquaint myself further with the thrill of biking. This time, I did it first thing in the morning when fewer vehicles would be on the road.

Or so I thought.

I forgot that most people actually get up early to get to work or school on a weekday. There I was, pedaling like a scared kid by the bike lane of the main road. Pero sige, panindigan na to. Sayang ang pinambili ng bike and accessoriesnoh! Push!

I was only planning to do 2k because I still value my life, and I still have my sanity. First 500 meters was nerve-wracking, and I’m like, “what am I freaking doing with my life?” The road began to slope upward, and my thighs and calf muscles confirmed it. So, I tried the gear lever on the right. Heyyy, the right got lighter! Me likey! When the road went downhill, I adjusted the gear shift, and holy molly, I like it even better! I relaxed my legs and punched the breaks from time to time to control my speed. I was getting the hang of it!

Then came the need to transfer to the other side of the road. Darth Vader music up and under. “Don’t be stupid. Behave like a car.” So, like a law-abiding motorist that I am, I waited for the traffic light to turn green for my turn before I went to the other side. Success! I probably looked silly, but success!

The ride back was slooooooow and heavy. Regret was winning, and the flesh was kinda agreeing. “WTH, push some more! Home is where breakfast is!”

Of course, I stopped on the side of the road every now and then…and then some more… and then one last. The feeling of triumph and regret were struggling to fight for supremacy while I squeezed water out of my bottle. Yeah, like the way they do it in commercials. In slow motion, with sweat flowing down on the side of my head and on to my eyes. I was breathing like crazy. Good old yoga practice reminded me how to breathe properly, so I recovered quickly enough for my second wind.

When I finally made it home, I was drenched in sweat like I just got out of the shower. And guess what? That was actually a 5k ride. Victory! Fear of biking again unlocked! Next move: get a bike companion. Unless, of course, I don’t do this seriously.

For now, I just need a permanent name for Beki. If we have to go on adventures together, bike gotta have name.

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