12 Days of Reconnection, Day 9: Action Thriller

This 9th day of my 12 days of reconnection is action-packed, although I’m not part of the action myself. Unlike in my younger years, I’m relegated to being a spectator today.

My day started with me going to an open sports field, expecting to watch another season of the Youth Football League. I wasn’t told it was cancelled until I was already in the venue. What I saw instead were girls’ softball and boys’ baseball games. I stayed for a while and actually enjoyed the games, but still disappointed that I didn’t get to see my favorite young YFLeaguer.

Doing a “super cyan” pitch.
Getting ready to steal…
You go, girl!


Guilty for not telling me about the cancelled YFL game, my BFF asked me to watch her son’s (my favorite YFLeaguer) tune-up game for his varsity team. That put me back in the mood (mababaw lang naman kaligayahan ko, e).

If there is a soccer mom, there is also a soccer ninang (ahem).
They love playing in the rain (I would, too!)
I wasn’t much into soccer/football before, until my godson started playing the sport.

We had time after the game, so my BFF made it up to me by going with me to watch a movie — any movie. I haven’t seen a movie in a while, and I can’t remember when was the last time we went out together. But what we watched was not exactly girly stuff that BFFs normally do. We saw the Steven Quale film Renegades starring actors I don’t recognize except for J.K. Simmons (of Whiplash and La La Land).

The movie is about five navy SEALs who risked their lives trying to get gold bars hidden at the bottom of the sea. While doing so, Nazis were making it more difficult for them to complete the task, almost killing one of them. I won’t tell you if they did get the gold and survived, or died trying. While the ending was noble and touching, I like that it also had humor in it.

While critics were not too kind to the film, I have long ignored what critics say. I’m glad I did exactly that for this film because my best friend and I loved it! Most importantly, I got to bond with my bestie again even for just a while.



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