Bucket list for year of the water snake

Instead of the usual new year’s resolutions, I’m doing a bucket list of things I plan to do for the year of the water snake. I’m not superstitious, but I find this fun. So, as the latest Filipino expression goes, walang basagan ng trip.

  1. I will (finally) learn how to swim. Why not? It’s the WATER snake’s year, plus I’ve been putting this off ever since my world began — when I first nearly drowned during a family beach trip and I didn’t tell my parents about it.
  2. I will (finally, again) join the Palanca competition. Yes, I’ve been putting this off because some of my friends are in the judges’ panel. I don’t mean this to say that I might be on their favor if I join. On the contrary, I’m too intimidated to let them judge my work because these friends of mine are that damn good — national artists lang naman yung iba sa kanila. Hay.
  3. I will not use any credit card to make purchases (unless in case of a real emergency). From 11 active credit cards, I am now proud to announce that I only hold two credit cards. That’s right, b@#$&*s! One for gas purchases (I get awesome rebates, thank you very much), and the other one for emergency cases (which means I might not use it at all. That’s positive thinking for you!). I promise to write a separate blog about this. It’s quite a story, especially for those who are neck-deep in credit card debts.
  4. I will make at least two major investments. This is because of #3. I won’t say what it is for security reasons, of course. Let’s just say, libreng mangarap! 🙂
  5. I will finish reading all the books in my small bookshelf. Only then will i decide whether I should buy a new bookshelf or buy a tablet to store ebooks.

I think five items on the bucket list is good enough — and realistic — for now. And achievable. And motivating. Oh, what the heck. Let’s just do this!

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