18 hours in Cebu

18 hours in Cebu

The day began at 3am, NAIA Terminal 3. All three of us were so sleepy, having had a few hours of sleep. We arrived in Mactan at 5:30, not knowing where exactly to go since the seminar starts at 9:30.

I suggested that we check in at a cheap hotel so we can sleep for at least a couple of hours, then go back for more sleep after the seminar at 6pm. Our flight out was at 11:45pm, so I thought my plan made sense. But we ended up having breakfast at Radisson Blu instead and spent time there before proceeding to the seminar venue.

The day was agonisingly long for us. We hardly absorbed the talks. But troopers that we are, we finished what we came here for. We each got a free tshirt and twisting fan in return. Yey.

Lunch at Golden Cowrie was sublime! Dinner at Zubu Chon was sinfully delectable. Anthony Bourdain was right — this place has the best roast pig ever! After that meal, we walked like the lost cast of The Walking Dead. With our tummies full, our lack of sleep caught up with us.

Now, we’re here at the airport lobby, waiting for our flight back home. Two more hours. We can do this. One thing is sure: we vowed never to torture ourselves like this again.

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