LTO driver’s license renewal: here we go again

Three years ago, the LTO branch in Ayala MRT over-charged me by PhP75 for alleged late renewal even when I applied weeks before my birthday. Yesterday, it happened to me again. This time, at the Makati branch along Panlilio street.

After reporting about the incident with the LTO main branch back in 2009, I was confident that they have already fixed the problem. Unfortunately, it seems that the problem has gotten even worse. I was told yesterday that my renewed license  will expire in two years (2014), which is 1 year earlier than it should. On top of that, I was again charged an extra PhP75 for allegedly being late when I’m actually a month early. Talk about getting shortchanged!

The officers at the LTO Makati (Panlilio) branch were apologetic and owned up to the mistake. However, the overcharged fee was not returned to me. I didn’t wait for any further explanation. I just told the gracious officer, “Nakaka-150 na kayo sa akin, ha.” (“You’ve taken 150 from me so far.”)

To be fair, the evaluator took care of the expiry date on my license by correcting the date. As for the extra charge, who knows what will happen when I get back in three years for another renewal. Note to self: in 2015, tell the evaluator about my correct date of birth before paying.

What an inconvenience!

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