Alarming aggressiveness of criminals in Metro Manila

On my way home from work last night, I saw a crime unfold right before my eyes.

Traffic was moderately moving when I reached the foot of the Magallanes interchange going south toward SLEX.
In front of me was a dark Honda sedan. A teenager about 5’2″ tall, wearing dark t-shirt and khaki shorts, came out of nowhere and ran alongside the Honda. He leaned against the rear passenger window on the right side while still running and appeared to knock on the window.
The driver must have opened the window because the next thing I knew, the teenager was grabbing something from inside the car. In a matter of seconds, he was pulling out a red sling bag. Sheets of paper flew out. The Honda car didn’t stop, which is just as well because I think it’s safer that way.
The teenager passed in front of my car, running toward the side railing to my left. He jumped over the steel railing and disappeared into the northbound section of Osmena Highway. I didn’t get a clear view of his face because everything happened so fast, and I paid attention to checking my own windows and door locks instead. I tightened my grip on the wheel to shake off the shock and prayed for safety.
I see crime everyday — on TV. Every single morning as I prepare for work, I would leave the TV on for the news. In every single newscast, the headlines would include crime being committed here and there. Most of them were caught by CCTV.
I can’t begin to analyze the intrepid ways by which these crimes are being committed. Have we become so desperate as to disregard the consequences of our actions? Has poverty really driven us toward immorality? I guess the answers are obvious, and those of us who understand the situation should never stop doing even the littlest thing to put some sanity in society beginning with our own circle.
I can’t blame those who choose not to watch the news so they can avoid the depressing stories being reported. I guess in a way I also have that urge to do the same thing, but I feel that I have to do it for the sake of awareness.

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