Making happy father’s day

I can remember at least one day in his lifetime when I made my father’s day. It was the day I told him I wanted to become a broadcast journalist.

Tatay passed away seven years ago, and I still am not a broadcast journalist…never will be. I may not have fulfilled that young dream, but what matters to me is that I made my father proud even for a day. And I know that he was proud of me still forending up “merely” a corporate writer.

For those who still have their fathers today, savor it. Those of you who have a close relationship with your dads, keep it that way. For you who have it tough with your dad, just remember all the hard work and tough situations they go through everyday just to make things easier for you. Those who think their dads are good for nothing for some reason, hatred will not make your situation better.

I no longer have the luxury of enjoying those lazy days with Tatay. We used to just sit in front of the TV, watching basketball even if I’m silently rooting for the team that he hates. We used to get into serious discussions about topics that fathers and daughters would not normally talk about — politics, religion, and sports. Yes, I am what others would label as “daddy’s girl”. But Tatay made sure I am my own person, and I thank and love him dearly for who, what, and how I am today.

Respect your fathers. Make him a happy father on his day. At least for once in your life. For all we know, that’s all it would take for him to know he is at least appreciated.

I can’t help but think of those who hate their fathers, so here’s an unsolicited advice: at least find it in your heart to forgive. After all, you cannot make them an excuse for who and what you are now. Besides, I bet you, too, has made things a lot harder for him as well.

To all the fathers out there, I sincerely wish you have a happy fathers’ day.

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