Making happy father’s day

I can remember at least one day in his lifetime when I made my father’s day. It was the day I told him I wanted to become a broadcast journalist. Tatay passed away seven years ago, and I still am not a broadcast journalist…never will be. I may not have fulfilled that young dream, but what matters to me is that I made my father … Continue reading Making happy father’s day

Zak is home

God finally took Rafi Zakkari Faigao Feliciano home. Little Zak passed away at around the same time he was born — exactly two months after he was born. He no longer suffers. He now breathes freely…without the tubes…without the syringes…without the meds…without the pain of seeing the anguished faces of his daddy, mommy, and kuya. Grace and I were silent for a full minute over … Continue reading Zak is home