Easter’s child

Rebirth. Does anyone today ever want to be born again?

Dying planet…restless society…broken families…lost friends…imagined lovers…broken hearts…unpaid debts…the misery seem to go on and on. But that’s exactly why there is hope in all these.These misfortunes go on because life does.

Even amid the blades of grass, something else grows to intrigue you.
Even amid the blades of grass, something else grows to intrigue you.

The fact that the earth is dying means it can be revived, because it is not dead yet.

The fact that society has become restless means it can be tamed, because it is still ruled by humanity.

The fact that families get broken means they can be mended, because they are not yet shattered.

The fact that friends get lost means they can also be found, because they know you are always behind them.

The fact that lovers are imagined means they can be made real, because dreams can come true.

The fact that hearts are broken means they can be put back together, because they are not yet torn apart.

The fact that debts remain unpaid means they can be recompensed, because money can be earned.

Sounds too darn idealistic, but it is better than dwelling on the harshness of human frailty. Things may not turn out the way we want them to, but we can at least make things better. God ALWAYS provides. We just don’t pay attention.

Happy rebirth!

4 thoughts on “Easter’s child

    1. Thanks, Chique. Easter is my other favorite season of the year (after Christmas). Yeah, my birthday is not included…hahaha.

      Being positive is really difficult especially during trying times. Pero yun lang ang meron ako pag nahihirapan na ako e. Syempre there will always be times when you feel so weak that you will feel like tearing your eyes out. And I would like to think I have a super power to beat those vulnerable moments: being positive! Hahaha.


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