Sunday soon

Two complete strangers I encountered that ridiculously hot Good Friday afternoon pointed out to me the “sadness” that seemingly clouded the air. To both of them, I answered “Hindi naman. Mainit lang (Not really. It’s just hot),” and gave them a smile. Jesus is dead, but I was feeling too hopeful to mourn. It’s because of the great conversation I had with a good old … Continue reading Sunday soon

Easter’s child

Rebirth. Does anyone today ever want to be born again? Dying planet…restless society…broken families…lost friends…imagined lovers…broken hearts…unpaid debts…the misery seem to go on and on. But that’s exactly why there is hope in all these.These misfortunes go on because life does. The fact that the earth is dying means it can be revived, because it is not dead yet. The fact that society has become … Continue reading Easter’s child