This is it! for Cebu inmates

How poignant is this line from the MJ song? “All we’re really saying is,they don’t really care about us.”

As I look at the Cebu inmates (as I’ve seen then from other performances in the past), I can’t help but shed mixed emotions for them. I’m proud to see them doing something worthwhile as the world begins to acknowledge them with their dances. At the same time, I feel sad for the mere fact that they are imprisoned and could not use this display of talent or mere determination to do something meaningful outside the walls of the Cebu prison. In fact, there is that nagging feeling that some of them might even be beginning to like it inside because of this activity. Worse, it might even “invite” others to prefer going inside than struggle like prisoners outside the prison walls.

I can see some very young faces among the prisoners. I sincerely hope they can still redirect their lives to become more productive individuals of society. May this exercise somehow give them hope and inspiration.

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