The artists’ palate served at Taumbayan Restaurant

Quiet and seemingly reticent. But once you engage it, it will stimulate your senses. That’s Taumbayan Restaurant — the self-effacing eating place at T. Gener cor. K-1st, Kamuning, Quezon City.

The place has become the hangout for artists. In fact, they hold workshops and lectures there. Young writers will find good mentors there if they’re lucky enough to catch them on certain nights.

There are also theme nights such as videoke night, game night (more of traditional indoor games like chess or scrabble), and acoustic night (great for jamming with friends). That’s a lot of activities for a small place with nothing fancy to embellish itself with. Just wide windows, electric fans, wooden chairs, wooden benches, and wooden tables. The surprise is, it has wifi access!

inihaw na adobo
cooked adobo-style to absorb the flavor, the liempo is then grilled to let most of the cholesterol out

The food is homemade style and definitely pocket-friendly. You’ll even see your plate smiling at you — literally. That’s the schtick that you’ll see right from the entrance, where the restaurant’s logo gives the hint of a smile.

pork bbq: kalasa ng bbq sa kanto, in a much better way
pork bbq: parang luto sa kanto, in a much better way

2 thoughts on “The artists’ palate served at Taumbayan Restaurant

  1. thanks for this. i hope you won’t mind if i paste a link in my fb site. this would definitely be good endorsement of our place.
    hope to see you again soon!



    1. No problem, Joel. My friends and I had a good time when we were there. I wish you more luck (if you believe in that) and success.


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