Hayden Kho scandalous videos

You will not find any embedded videos in this post.

Now that we got perverts out the way (wink, wink), let me share my opinion on the matter.

I have seen three videos showing Hayden Kho having sex with different girls in each video. Judging from what I saw, he appears to have set up the videos himself. As to the girls, they seem to be oblivious of what was happening “behind the scene”.

According to reports, Dr. Kho has 40 sex videos in his “collection”.

I have mixed feelings for the girls in the videos. I can only imagine the kind of torture they must be going through right now as the videos continue to spread, talks and opinions (like this one) come up, and news updates on various media disable the possibility of keeping the matter private.

They probably know that they had it coming. When they did the “act” with Dr. Kho, they probably anticipated something as horrible as this. It’s not like sex video scandals are new in this digital era. So, yes, they probably thought the same thing might happen to them even before they did it.

Or did they?

Whatever it was that they were thinking, the damage had been done and done really bad! Not only did it damage their personal lives, but the lives of the people who care for them as well. The first people who usually get hurt first are the family and relatives. Next casualty would be the close friends. Then the close groups — officemates, classmates, and other social groups.

The damaging effect is exponential. When family and relatives get affected, their own family, relatives, friends, and social circles will react to the situation in their own ways. Close friends will definitely be supportive, but will their own circle of friends be as supportive? Officemates will probably choose not to discuss the matter in the presence of the victim, but what about the people they have worked with — clients, partners, suppliers? The name of the company will definitely be tarnished, whether they like it or not. A similar vicious scenario can be applied to school and other social circles.

It cannot be undone, even if the authorities catch the culprit who released the video…even after Dr. Kho’s apology…even if they manage to stop the videos from spreading.

I can only pray for these girls to be healed from the horrible experience. That is, if they feel remorse over the whole thing.

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