Undoing things

What is it about undoing things that make it so damn hurtful and difficult?

Putting down the Christmas tree and its ornaments. Unpacking after a long trip. Cleaning up after a party. Ending a relationship (uuuuy, emo….)

After all the anticipation, the preparation, and the setting up of things, you come down to the end and that’s it. No matter how much you want to prolong the fun you had, you are slapped by the reality that it’s over. Now, what?

You move on, of course. You let go. You set yourself free. You open yourself to the possibility of feeling and having it one more time. At the same time, you also open yourself to the likelihood that it might not happen again. Whatever it is. Whoever it was.

Potah, ito ang effect ng bagong taon…yung time na katatapos mo lang mag-spend ng isa na namang malamig na pasko (haaay, nasasanay na ako). Happy new year na lang sa lahat! Leche…

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