When I was young(er), I always thought of reunions as parties for the old. Today, I’m getting reunion invitations left and right. Yes, I was right — reunions are for the old.

Looking at the guys at my high school pre-grand alumni homecoming, I can’t help but wonder if they have the same thing in mind as I do. Most of them knew each other since elementary years. There were a few of us who came to SJA only during high school. Out of that few, there were only a handful from my own class. Where the heck are my classmates?

Am I really that interested to find them? Why? What was I doing in that reunion/meeting? I feel guilty for my disinterest, but this will not stop me from attending the grand alumni homecoming. Our batch is hosting the whole thing, so the least I can do is participate. After this one, I don’t think I’ll appear in future reunions (my batch is planning to do it annually — huwaaaat???).

The past should be kept as that — past. Yes, reminiscing is lovely. Re-living the past, however, is downright pathetic for me. I’m a “moving on” type of person. I go forward in life with my life’s memories tucked safely in the pockets of my heart. I’ll keep it that way. Darn it! Okay, there are exceptions, of course. Sheesh…you know who you are.

More reunions will come my way as I go along. I’ll attend some, I’ll ditch some. If it involves people who have made marks in my life, then I’ll definitely go for sure. For the rest, well, see you during significant occasions. Really significant occasions.

P.S. I’m also attending the V’s 80th anniversary grand alumni homecoming on January 19. Who knows, Trillanes and cohorts might decide to “visit” Sofitel that time. I don’t want to be the one who missed  all the action (wink*wink*). Oh, yes, I’d like to see my fellow Amihans as well. It’s about damn time I see you crazy people again. I need new shots of kababawan.

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