Shoutout to the universe: it’s now in your hands!

I will never give up. Instead, I will rest. And wait.

I have tried too many times to make things right. I have buried myself in plea for selflessness and humility. For sharing. For open-heartedness. Love, after all, is kind. It is never selfish. It is pure. It is kind. For me, it has grown to all these and more. Love, for me, is embracing the universe.

For life is becoming shorter by the day. I try to live it and find fulfillment in it by the minute. It’s hard, what with negativity trying to ruin the last days of your life. Like death in a hurry.

The beauty of it all is that I vow not to give up. I continue to hurt inside, but I refuse to be paralyzed by the pain. For I know that this sacrifice will implode, taking all the suffering with it.

My faith is what brings me the patience to wait for unselfish love to  prevail.

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