What’s up, Mr. Long Hair?

I’m not exactly in the best of moods lately, but your story has gathered a couple of fans already so I guess I owe them an update about you.

I saw you again last week about a little past 8. Your long hair has been freed from its pony (I believe I failed to mention in my previous posts that you were always wearing your long hair in a ponytail).

So there you were, sitting on the same edge of our building’s outdoor plant box. I know I said I would try to talk to you the next time I see you. But let me clarify that — I believe I said that I’ll see if I still feel adventurous and just “might” gather enough nerves to talk to you. Well, guess what…I almost did, but you scared me.

Your long hair wasn’t just long…it was freaky loooong! And frizzy. And thick. How do you ever get to wash that pile of hair and how much shampoo do you consume for that? I’m assuming you do wash your hair?

Hey, you’re smoking again! And fiercely, it seems. You were taking long, hard puffs one after another. The smoke you spew out reached all the way up to Ayala Avenue, so much so that the plants right by the gutter seemed to choke in suffocation. What’s up with that?

My, my, Mr. Long Hair, what big feet you have! Your left foot, camouflaged by those heavy boots, was tapping quite furiously. The poor concrete beneath your foot must have cracked from the pressure.

Waiting for someone, aren’t you? And pretty impatiently, I can tell. That timid little paper bag beside you is unbecoming, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Hers? Yeah, I’d be impatient, too, if somebody leaves me with their paper bag especially if it doesn’t contain anything edible. What’s in there, anyway?

So, okay, my fleeting bravery that I happened to muster during the Holy Week suddenly disappeared like cotton that got burned. Well, what can I do, huh? I had to get home, anyway. My large intestine’s beginning to gnaw away at my small intestine out of sheer hunger.

And I’m not exactly in the best of moods lately, or have I said that already? So I’ll see you when I see you, Mr. Long Hair. Whatever…

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