Conversation no. 6: stubborn optimist

I picked up this phrase, “stubborn optimist”, from my meeting with McCann. I liked it. I found the right phrase that would best describe how I am even when life has beaten me to a pulp. Until someone tried to rain on my parade…in vain. Hahaha to you, my friend!

ME (posted as my YM status): Wanted: extra positive people!
HER: ewan.. parang sakin walang katumbas na halaga ang isang taong extra positive.. don’t know if that person actually exists anyway…
ME: yan naman! pa-philosophical tayo. tama yan. kailangan ko din nyan
HER: hahahaha.. your status messsage just made me think if there is such a person.. extra positive??!!
ME: there is. minsan, ako yun. sa sobrang pagka-positive ko minsan, parang napa-plastikan na nga ako sa sarili ko e. Sa ngayon, medyo malungkot lang ang buhay ko kaya naghahanap ako ng neutralizer
HER: hahahaha.. so you’re a living proof.. but then again…if you know it’s not real.. can it still neutralize the sadness…giving hope to something that is hopeless..
ME: anything can seem real for someone miserable. who’s to know for sure what is hopeless? I told you i’m a stubborn optimist…kahit miserable na ako, naniniwala pa rin akong manu-neutralize din ito.
HER: well in some cases .. i think you know deep inside if something has no hope anymore.. just refusing to accept it. ewan siguro i’m not really as optimistic as you are… I’ll end it if i see there’s no hope  and move on to the next.. i just let things surprise me..
ME: hopelessness comes to people who hang on to ideals
HER: well to that i agree… Sometimes it’s hard to accept that your fairy tale is slightly different from what you have imagined..
ME: kasi wag umalis sa earth. always keep things real para hindi ma-disappoint. kaya mas masaya ang mga taong mababaw e
HER: real naman ah.. mataas nga lang ang standard.. there is still life outside earth you know…hahaha natutuwa ako kasi we are not talking about specifics but i think we are understanding each other somehow.. kakatuwa to ha..
ME: fairy tales aren’t real. and who told you there’s life beyond earth?
HER: heard it from the news. algae exists in another planet
ME: asus, di ka maliligayahan sa algae noh!
HER: bwahahahahahahahaa!!! Ibang level yun… di lang international .. intergalactic pa.. hahaha!! Wag nga lang sana tatlo ang paa..
ME: ay, ayoko, baka hindi marunong mag-reciprocate yan (I edited the rest of what I said to save whatever is left of my reputation, hehehe)

2 thoughts on “Conversation no. 6: stubborn optimist

  1. Hi Carmie! Being stubbornly optimist for me means having hope…hope that something good still would result to something we experienced bad. I believe there is nothing hopeless in this world just like “Nothing is impossible with God” and God is a God of Hope. For your friend, i think she is also right in saying that “accepting the situation and then moves on…” Accepting something as is, i think is the one of the important process so that one can lead to hope. But “accepting something” is not the end of the process, you should also have the resolution on what you should do so in the future you can change the situation.
    I wish i’m making sense out of this. But i believe being hopeful is still better than not. God bless.


  2. If things didn’t go the way I had hoped them to go, then I’ll accept the results. But that doesn’t mean the situation was hopeless.I did what I could, it just didn’t work. So there is no room for hoplessness in my life right now. There is always hope. All I have to do is try to work things out and not be a brat about it.


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