tale from an insomniac

I’m not sure, but I think I’m between sleep and consciousness… wherever that may be.

I know that I am lying on my right side, my favorite sleeping position. I am hugging my bolster, with an extra pillow snuggled against my back. My feet are resting on top of my small Mickey Mouse pillow. Yes, I am boxed in by pillows whenever I sleep.

It’s ominously dark, and the only sound I can hear is the lazy humming of the airconditioning unit. Very faint light tries to peep inside my room through my window curtain. I can still feel the dryness of the air despite the coolness coming from my aircon. Nothing else moves. Everything is deafening me in its silence.

Is it the humming aircon, or do I hear a deep but faint growl? It seems to be coming from just behind my ear. I swear, I can now feel it almost enveloping me. It’s breath is long and warm. From behind my ear down to the base of my nape, it shivers me. I don’t like this anymore. I can’t move a muscle, and yet…and yet…

How on earth can I see this dark shadow behind me when I couldn’t even turn around to face it? Its head now seems to be looking down at me, with it’s body cloaked in something that seems to be a very large blanket. How can I be seeing all these?

I’m having a nightmare, I just know it. But this feels so real! I have to move…I have to turn around. I have to prove that I’m really just having a bad dream, so I must wake myself up. I’m really getting terrified by all these now, so…I believe in God, the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth…

I finally manage to turn around and try my best to see the time with the help of the faint light from my window. It seems like eternity before my eyes adjusts to the faint light.

It’s a little past 2am. Again. Why do I always wake up at 2 in the morning? Or should it be, why am I always still up by 2 in the morning?

I can’t sleep. I have to sleep. I must sleep. My head’s throbbing with pain again and it’s getting harder and harder to bear.

Good morning.

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