Hey, long-haired guy!

This is for the long-haired guy in front of the building.

Hi. I see you sitting by the plant box in front of our office building every time I get off late from work. You, with your yosi, always staring at your cell phone.

At first, I dismissed your presence as just something incidental. You were just a face in the crowd. I thought you were some call center guy who’s on a yosi break. But then, I thought, if he’s a call center dude, why is he in t-shirt and jeans? Ah, what do I care, huh?

Three more late nights in the office and there you are each time, with your yosi and dark t-shirt (why is it always dark-colored?), staring at your cell phone. Last night, I went home at a little past ten and you were in the same spot, doing the same thing. That’s kind of a long yosi break, isn’t it? At times, I would pass in front of you at 6 in the evening. At one point, I saw you there at 8. Last night was already late.

Are you waiting for someone? Maybe not physically, because you’re always staring at your phone. You’re probably waiting for someone to call or send you a text message. Wow, dude, I envy your patience. I wonder how many sticks (or packs) of cigarette you take each night…

Whatever it is you wish to achieve down there, I hope you get what you’ve been waiting for. Because frankly, I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. Your face looks as long as your hair each time. You do not even bother to look up whenever I pass by. I was tempted to look back last night just to see if you would look at me, but I chose not to engage you. Because if I do, I might get some answers from the questions that have been forming in my mind.

I’d rather keep this mystery between us. It gives me something to look forward to each time I spend late nights at work.

So, to you, long-haired stranger, I’ll see you again soon.

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