Commercializing Christmas

Almost everyone I know is exuberant about the fact that the “-ber” months are here. All of them associate this with Christmas. In fact, some of them already started raising the obvious as early as the third week of August. You read, see and hear it everywhere. I would have shared the excitement, except that I don’t see anyone expressing the real reason why we … Continue reading Commercializing Christmas

Dreaming of Christmas for Zakkari

Little Zakkari Rafi was born two months early. He probably couldn’t wait to make his mom smile and hear his brother Malakai Rei sing. Today, 4 days before Christmas, he’s still in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and making slow progress toward full recovery. Yesterday, mom Greis said little Zak was able to take in breastmilk for the first time — 25 days from … Continue reading Dreaming of Christmas for Zakkari

Buhay na ang lumang Christmas tree

As I promised to myself, namili na ako ng decor para sa lumang Christmas tree. Pag dating ko sa bahay, nakakabit na yung lumang decor. Tsk tsk tsk. Si Nanay talaga, atat. Pero maganda na yung inunahan nya ako para ma-sorpresa sya bukas pag gising nya. Kaya eto, matapos kong tanggalin yung mga lumang decor na nilagay ni Nanay, kinarir ko ang pagde-decorate at inabot … Continue reading Buhay na ang lumang Christmas tree