When things won’t turn out the way you want them to, it’s okay

As you grow older, you’re supposed to get wiser.  Believe me, at 51, I still keep trying; but the more I advance in age, the more things keep changing around me. Sometimes, I find myself confused. At times, jaded. Most times, though, I keep up.

Things do change, more often than I’d hope them to, and it’s okay.

Because time doesn’t wait for anyone. There are just too many of us for time to bother with. Everyone needs it and wants more of it. But time will just keep moving forward regardless of what everyone demands. So I leave behind whatever and whoever are pulling me back, and either keep pace with, or go ahead of, the now. And then, I realize that the changing of time is okay.

I lose some people in my life, and it’s okay.

As the cliche goes, “people come into your life for a reason”. But as I grow older, I notice people also leave. By choice. Mysteriously. Inevitably. Whatever the reason is, I don’t allow myself to get crazy over it. I will mourn death, but eventually fond memories of those who passed help me recover. I will feel bad, betrayed even, for friends who “disappear” (especially after getting what they needed from you), but knowing that I’ve been good to them comforts me. And then, I realize that the people who stay make it all okay.

I get hurt, and hurt others myself, and it’s okay.

I can’t be perfect because I have my own opinions and beliefs, and so do others. It is the differences that sometimes hurt me, or make me hurt people. Knowing that I can hurt certain people with my different opinion or belief makes me rethink every action or word before I release them, but I don’t allow every situation to derail who I really am. And when I get hurt, I allow myself to get pissed so I can release the negativity brewing inside me. Those who know how to respect that, get my respect in return. And then, I realize getting hurt is really okay.

I don’t know — and will never know — everything, and it’s okay.

I used to pretend to know something by simply nodding or agreeing with what someone said. I was afraid of looking stupid because I know people think I’m smart. But now, it doesn’t take me a millisecond to admit when I don’t know something. People would ask me things, and if I don’t know the answer, I’d simply say I.D.K. It’s so satisfyingly easy! Like saying “bug off” in a nice and honest way. Best of all, people’s expectations of me are lowered somewhat when it comes to specific subjects. When that happens, angels sing and flowers bloom, I tell you! I feel free! That’s when I realized, ignorance can sometimes be okay. (Someone please tell Jon Snow that it’s really okay!)

So, I’m really okay with growing older and trying to get wiser. The process makes life more interesting and exciting. The challenges that go with it keep me on my toes. It’s hard, but it’s all A-OK!


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