Mother’s care is still the best medicine

I have never felt this sick before. So sick that I could only think of my mother. She would know what to do. 

It started Thursday night after a moderate workout. I was still my perky self: talking to strangers, trying a higher box (and succeeding, oh yeah), trying skipping rope (where I suck big time). 

That time, I already had cough. I thought it was allergic cough because there was no wheezing or phlegm. I did feel my chest tighten midway through the workout, but I dismissed it by resting for a minute. 

I started feeling weird when I got home,  so I took paracetamol before going to bed. 

The following day I felt better after my morning shower. But the fever came back as I was driving to work. Still, I went through a meeting that went for an agonizing 4 hours. I must have looked really sick because at some point, my boss offered to give me medicine. She asked me to go home, but I stayed in the office for an hour to sleep. I knew I didn’t have enough strength to drive in that state. 

Still weak and woozy, I willed myself to drive home so I could avoid the rush hour traffic. First thing that came to my mind was my mother. She was 30 km away, but she was the only one I needed at that point. 

She kept me company that Friday night. She massaged me with efficascent oil, which was truly soothing. I could still smell it in my room, which is the only regret I have of this entire ordeal. 

She made me breakfast and lunch. She was already in her house, but would check on me via sms every now and then. I assured her I’m better, though it wasn’t entirely the truth. 

I missed the celebration of our company’s anniversary that Friday night. It looked so much fun judging from the photos and videos I saw. I would have enjoyed it as much as my tipsy officemates did. 

It’s Saturday now, and here I am blogging about this. I need to get my brain cells active. Do they get sick when you are? Am I asking the right question?

I’m still a little feverish and weak. I lost two pounds, which is good in a bad way. Oh, you know what I mean. I don’t want to edit this. Let me just get through this day. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be better. I have never been sicker beyond the flu, so indulge me. 

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