Passenger safety

I’m one of those Makati employees who travel to and from work five days a week via a shuttle service. It’s convenient and cost-efficient for us. However, like any other public utility vehicle passenger, we leave our lives precariously in the hands of drivers. We have no control over what will happen to us as they drive us to and from work everyday.

Last Friday, August 5, the shuttle we were riding in almost turned turtle by the Skyway while running at about 80 km/hr. I wasn’t sleeping as I’m wont to that morning. I knew there was trouble when the left side of the van where I was sitting lifted by about an inch while running. We jerked, then wiggled. I held my breath as the driver maneuvered into a stop.

I’ll be celebrating my 45th birthday in a few days. I’ll make it, after all. Thanks to 18 guardian angels who worked to save us that fateful morning.

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