Grade school kids, parents, teachers, hurt in 3-bus collision

21 grade school students and 10 parents and teachers were hurt in a road accident involving three buses that were taking students and parents of Molino Elementary School on a day’s field trip. The three buses were the first three out of 22 buses carrying around 70 students, parents, and teachers.

My youngest sister, along with her two sons, were in bus No. 9. They got home safe and unhurt.

The night before they went on that trip, 7-year old TJ made his routine bedtime prayer. The only thing different in his prayer that night was when he said, “Sana po walang maaksidente sa amin bukas.” It’s not surprising for him to be as caring and sensitive. It’s his train of thought that gave us goosebumps. TJ is the same nephew who, then aged four, dreamt of his deceased lolo and a “stranger in white”. He said lolo was asking if we are all okay.

That Saturday evening of October 18, I came home tired from all the traffic along Molino road. Big buses were causing all the delay. I knew then that Kata, TJ, and Jairus have probably arrived from their field trip. When I got home, I was expecting frenzied stories about how the day went. A fun kind of frenzy. But it was not to be.

I learned that one 1st grader, bleeding from a head injury, started throwing up at the scene. Students from one of the buses got stuck inside and where crying and screaming in terror. Most of the students, Kata said, where 1st graders. Some of the injured students did not have their parents with them.

I saw a photo of one of the buses in the tabloid today. It was horrible. I can only imagine what the kids had gone through during the entire ordeal.

I am thankful that my nephews and sister were unharmed. The rest of the students who were not involved were still able to enjoy a great time in Star City after the accident. I guess it’s the best way to alleviate possible trauma on the rest of the kids. My two nephews, young as they are, became animated when they were telling me about their experience in Star City. For that, I thank the teachers and administrators for taking care of the rest of the students.

As of today, no fatality has been reported. I pray that the kids, parents, and teachers who were injured recover quickly.

As for the driver of the Starex van and the runaway taxi driver who caused the accident, justice will be served in His time.


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