Interview no. 1: wishes and things

1)Who did you last go out with?
Greis. Watched a depressing but good movie, The Bucket List. Some may argue that it’s a feel-good movie, but I watched it just when I was having a bad day, so…

(2) What do you want to receive on your birthday?
surprise me. I love surprises!

(3) Reach your hand out to the right. What do you touch?
my Mickey Mouse pillow

(4) What time did you sleep last night?
11:30, I think, which is earlier than usual

(5) What’s the wallpaper on your computer?
a bouquet of flowers I received on my birthday last year

(6) What can you hear besides the computer?
Casanova on Star Movies

(7) Do you agree with the saying “to Forgive is to forget”?
No. Sadly, no matter how much I try, I find it hard to forget — especially if I got really hurt. I forgive, but something gets lost along the way afterwards.

(8) When, where was the last time tears started to roll down your cheek?
I can’t remember. My tear ducts have dried up from too much crying, I guess.

(9) What/who makes you happy?
seeing my loved ones happy. Unfortunately, I have no full control of their happiness.

(10) What makes you sad?
seeing my loved ones sad. Unfortunately, I have no full control over their sadness.

(11) What are your favorite books?
literary classics, horror, mystery…books that keep me awake. That’s why I don’t read before bedtime.

(12) What would you like to have right at this moment which seems totally impossible?
a boyfriend…or a husband…or a family of my own, including two really cute kids

(13) Who will you turn to if you have a huge problem?

(14) What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Love moves in mysterious ways. I know…I know….cheesy…hey, it’s still Valentine’s day at this very instance!

(15) What was the last song that keeps ringing on?
since you asked my favorite song at the moment, e di yon!

(16) What was the best event that happened last year?
none qualifies

(17) Where did you go today?
Harrison Communications, to listen to some crap about….never mind!

(18 ) Last thing you ate?
dark chocolate from Greis

(19 ) Who were you with?
just myself. I get selfish when it comes to chocolates

(20) Have you gone to the beach just w/ your buddies?
yes. lots of times. one time, I got really high and hallucinated three times!

(21)Do you love sunsets?
“Like” is the more accurate word for me. I love sunrise.

(22) When is your b-day?
august 16

(23)What are your wishes for your birthday?
world peace. no, really! and a healthier environment. realistically, though, I’d like a better job — one where I can really be fulfilled, continue to grow and learn, be recognized, be appreciated, and of course, be well compensated.

(24)Who do you wanna be w/ on the day of your birthday?
my family and friends in one big crazy party!

(25)Have you ever felt that you’ve been taken for granted?
lots of times. I’m used to it now, as a matter of fact. Is it cold in here, or is it just me?

(26)thing/s you regret?
turning down all those job offers, not taking the men in my life seriously, and spending more than I can afford

(27 )What do you want to do besides answering this survey?
get a really good night’s sleep

(28) What’s the most important sentence/s that lingers in your mind now?
it’s how you rise from tough situations that defines you

(29)cookies n’ cream or double dutch?
double dutch. since we’re on the topic, my favorite is chocolate almond fudge by BTIC. Then again, do you care?

(30 )Chocolate cake or brazo de mercedez?
chocolate cake, specifically lava cake

(31) Do you like spongebob?
not really. he makes me laugh sometimes, though

(32) Do you know how to play the guitar?
a little bit

( 33) Who’s the last person you texted?
Greis. She’s emotional about how Kai is growing faster than she can drive her car.

(34 )KFC or Kenny Rogers?
Tough choice…but because of the cheese muffins, my vote goes to Mang Kenny.

(35) Beach or CAMPING?
camping. I can’t swim, but I like wading in the beach water and feeling the soft sand beneath my feet. Camping, on the other hand, makes me realize that life is not all about material comforts. That I can actually have peace without my soft bed, clean toilet, lotion, cologne, soap, shampoo, TV, internet. Camping makes me appreciate the little that I have whenever I get back home.

36) Do you find yourself sexy?
a little bit, if only because they say I’ve gotten thin and sexy. Frankly, I’m still heavy in the middle part. But hey, I’ll take their word for it!

( 37) Hotdogs or cheesedogs?

( 40) Do you like Shawarma?
not too much. It’s the aroma that turns me off

(41 )is there someone you’re missing right now?
Kai, Paris, MM, Pia, Railey, Dong, Bobok, and Troy (even if I haven’t met him in person yet)

(42) Do you love someone right now?
of course!

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