Strike two for Trillanes

I have been working in Makati for more than a decade now. I have seen too many coup atttempts happen while I am hunched in front of my computer, working my ass off to earn a decent living. This last one by the “clown from the Senate” (thanks, Reggie, I couldn’t have said it better myself) did not even make one hair from my skin rise in fear.

I was mad. So were my hardworking officemates. We were cursing in front of our office TV as the Manila Pen charade was happening. Phone calls, chat messages, and SMS from our loved ones and friends kept coming in to check on us. Our office is just two blocks away from the action, but unlike other offices, we stayed and worked until our tasks were done for the day. We even had a staff meeting at 6pm and I left for home at 7pm.

It was just another day at the office, and someone tried to steal it away.

Don’t get me wrong. We also wanted to go home. Not because we were scared, but because we just wanted to go home, period. Any excuse to flake from work once in a darn while. But we stayed because we are responsible employees. Because our employers and clients have business to accomplish. Because our families are depending on us.

And someone tried to steal these away by choosing another hotel to sabotage. A hotel where equally hardworking and responsible people are trying to make a decent living for their loved ones. Where other innocent guests, foreign and local, are housed for the day.

What irresponsible lawmaker of the land would walk out in a hearing and break the law in the process? How could you trust someone like that to make the laws for you when he could not even follow existing ones? How dare he speak in front of the cameras, saying, “Tingnan ninyo ang ginagawa ng gubyerno” as tear gas was covering the hotel lobby. Didn’t he hear the question ricochet: “Tingnan mo ang ginagawa mo sa bayan natin.” Nakakahiya.

And what of the media? Weren’t they told before the police made their move that they should clear the area? Don’t they understand that they are compromising the authorities’ operation that would have stopped the whole thing earlier? Didn’t they choose to stay despite the warning? So why are they blabbing about the alleged “arrest”? And mind you, they were not arrested — they were taken in for questioning which, to me, is a democratic process. They are not special people to be just let loose in a situation like that just because they have press IDs. Believe me, I have been dealing with various media all these years — enough for me to know that some media people do think they are above others.

It took me two hours from the usual 45 minutes to an hour’s drive home that night. Traffic was so bad because of the checkpoints. I didn’t mind. I knew it had to be done because my civil right to peace and order is being compromised by a clown. I will not have any of it, so another hour in traffic is worth it.

Ang daling intindihin ng mga pangyayari, pilit nating pinalalaki. Puro tayo drama kaya walang nangyayari sa bansa natin. Magtrabaho tayo nang matino para matangay natin yung iba sa pag-asenso. Hindi naman ito overnight sensation. Unti-unti, kaya nating umangat. Tama na ang drama. Tama na ang reklamo kung hindi rin lang kayang suportahan ang mga akusasyong walang pinatutunguhan. Sabi nga ni Senator Dick Gordon: kung sino ang walang ginagawa, syang unang nagrereklamo.

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