Thesis of life

My best friend is trying to defend her life against brain tumor. In a few days, she will go under the knife and prove that she deserves an A for fighting this through.

The pain that I am feeling from just watching her struggle against this illness is nothing compared with her fear and physical agony. It’s very difficult to listen to her voice it out everyday while I drive her to and from work. It crushes me to see her cry everytime she pours it out. It kills me to think that all I can do is to just touch her and try my best to say the right things. I try to remain the positive, cheerful friend who always makes her laugh. Although I manage to make her smile at least, I can feel that her mind is kicking her pains.

Her mind is on her son who will be turning three two weeks after her operation. She wants to be there on his birthday, and this alone gives her enough spirit to fight.

Her mind is on her husband who is going through his own personal battles.

Her mind is on her sister who is trying to raise two kids on her own.

Her mind is on her Dad who still doesn’t know about his favorite daughter’s condition until this day. She dreads telling him about it, knowing fully well that it will definitely affect his sagging health.

I pray for her everyday, and so do all our friends — including those whose routine does not include praying. They even send her encouraging messages. All these give her the strength she needs as we approach the day of her operation. I know God never fails us, and she will receive His grace just when she needs it most.

We have searched our hearts for answers, written our thoughDistortion9ts for others to read and understand, and now we are defending our reason for living. Ready when you are, Grace.

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