Conversation no. 7: Expect the unexpected

It has been my personal mantra for quite a while now: expect the unexpected. There was a time I didn’t know what it meant, but I kept the mantra going just the same. Until a friend noticed this in my email  signature, so we started this conversation going…

Her: funny carms, i just saw your email and diba you wrote there expect the unexpected…jojo and i have been debating about that phrase kanina.
Me: what’s your take on that?
Me: btw, it’s always been my mantra. it keeps me on my toes.
Her: hmmm, i told jojo that it doesnt work for me kasi i dont expect nga eh especially when it comes to love…
Her: more of am scared to even expect something what more if unexpected pa…!
Me: kaya nga you should expect the unexpected. it will make you guarded so that when it comes, whatever it is, you won’t get too affected. If it’s negative, then it won’t hurt as much. if it’s positive, imagine what a pleasant surprise it would be
Her: jojo said the same thing…pero am too scared….jojo gave me a scenario kasi kanina and i told him that will never happen. I just dont want to be disappointed, i guess.
Her: then that’s your "unexpected thing".
Her: being disappointed?
Me: your disappointments, your fears, your worries, your anxieties, of things you are not sure will happen…what if you also think that things might turn out differently? as in, opposite of what you’re state of mind is now?
Her: hmmm, thats where i will tell you that my fears come..its better not to expect for me…as i said, am too scared to thinkk otherwise…
Her: kulit ko ba?
Me: well, to each his own πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Conversation no. 7: Expect the unexpected

  1. Kilala ko ata kung sino si Her. Expecting the unexpected is what we call in strategic terms as “worst case scenario” when all the ingredients can possibly combine for a plausible effect. While Victor Hugo says that “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”, he can also say that “Nothing is more powerful than a come that has no idea of time”- expect the unexpected.


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