Hello again, long-haired stranger

I thought I saw the last of you last week. Then there you were again the other night…

Well, at least I proved to a dear friend that you were not a “snuffalapagus”…a figment of my imagination. She saw you, too, and she thinks you’re cute. Mind you, her vision is 325/325 (says she’s not sure, can you believe it?)

I noticed you don’t have your cell phone with you. Hmmmm…could it be you’ve finally given up on whoever you’re trying to pursue? Was it a gentle breakup, or an emotionally violent one? Hehehehe. Pardon my wild imagination…

I noticed, too, that you’re not smoking. It didn’t look like you have been smoking, either, or you’re on to your next one. So far, so good. You’re not wearing a dark t-shirt as well. Gray is better than black if only to brighten a person’s aura, and I must say you look better in gray. Hey, you have a baby moustache! I didn’t notice that before. The gray t-shirt must have brightened up my vista of your face a little bit.

I’m not sure, but I think I saw you glance up at me as I was about to walk by. Did you, or didn’t you? Or did you turn your eyes a split second too slow when I looked at you? Hahahahaha, we got each other, didn’t we?

I’m feeling adventurous right now because my curiousity is beginning to nag me. Let’s see if this feeling keeps up by next week. It’s going to be a long break, so we’ll see. I just might sit beside you and strike up a conversation the next time I see you outside of our building.

Until then, long-haired stranger. Advanced happy easter!

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