Where’s your luggage?

So lost luggage aren’t really lost after all!

Last night at Late Show with David Letterman, there was a feature about a place called Unclaimed Baggage Centre. I thought it was a joke at first because the guy hosting the segment was a stand-up comedian (his name escapes me now). Apparently, it’s tru. The place is located somewhere in Alabama. It’s a warehouse-type of store that sells various items from Cowboy hats to baby strollers. One of the salesclerks says that they buy “unclaimed baggage” from airports and give the items marked down prices, depending on the condition of the item.

Hah! So there you go. If you’ve lost a baggage at some point or other, you might as well well head to Alabama and buy it back.

To my fellow Filipinos, can you imagine what they’d find in a typical Pinoy’s luggage? Bagoong, sardinas, halayang ube…

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