Dreaming of Christmas for Zakkari

Little Zakkari Rafi was born two months early. He probably couldn’t wait to make his mom smile and hear his brother Malakai Rei sing. Today, 4 days before Christmas, he’s still in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and making slow progress toward full recovery. Yesterday, mom Greis said little Zak was able to take in breastmilk for the first time — 25 days from … Continue reading Dreaming of Christmas for Zakkari

First day of school ni Paris

With my sister-in-law’s permission, I am posting her unedited email in this blog entry. I found it funny, heartwarming, and amusing. Moms will relate to this:Today is the first day of school ng aming first born si Paris, o diba me drama pa? grabe! ganun pala kabilis ang panahon parang dumaan lang, hay ewan.. anyway, kagabi pa ako nageemote kay bimbo, sabi ko naiiyak na … Continue reading First day of school ni Paris