Fun Philippines

I love the Philippines! I was born here, and here is where I will breathe my last. There are so many reasons to love my country. One of them is that it is indeed fun to be here, not just because of the sights, but because of the people you meet. Last year, I had the chance to visit three of the most visited provinces … Continue reading Fun Philippines

Palawan (still) in my mind — day two: El Nido

The following day, we were up early to start a 7-island hopping adventure. Along the way, our guide Rocky (who Ate Anette fondly called Papa Rocky, obviously inspired by Lady Gaga’s hit song) showed us interesting sights such as the Helicopter Island (called as such because of its shape), and caves where Balinsasayaw birds’ nests are cradled. I learned later on that these nests are … Continue reading Palawan (still) in my mind — day two: El Nido

Palawan (still) in my mind — the first day

Ten months…that was how long I waited for this trip to finally happen, and it was well worth the long wait! Seven days after that five-day vacation, I still have vivid images of Palawan in my mind. Arriving at the Puerto Princesa airport around 1pm, we went for a quick lunch in Balinsasayaw Restaurant. The place isn’t as quaint as the one in Tagaytay, but … Continue reading Palawan (still) in my mind — the first day