Lamentations of a four-year old on death

“Ninang, bakit sinunog si Zak?” I was stunned with the question, coming from a four-year old who had just lost his newborn baby brother. Kai had wished for a baby brother.  And now that his wish got granted, it was immediately taken away from him. I screamed inside my head, “Anak ng iskandalo naman, sino nagsabi sa bata na sinunog ang kapatid nya?!” For the … Continue reading Lamentations of a four-year old on death

Zak is home

God finally took Rafi Zakkari Faigao Feliciano home. Little Zak passed away at around the same time he was born — exactly two months after he was born. He no longer suffers. He now breathes freely…without the tubes…without the syringes…without the meds…without the pain of seeing the anguished faces of his daddy, mommy, and kuya. Grace and I were silent for a full minute over … Continue reading Zak is home