This Asian woman is having quite a time in a Canadian prison

Sticking to her guns

Erika has been diagnosed with PTSD because of all the traumatic experiences Erika has gone through so far, inside and outside of prison. She went through depression and dealt with anger issues. While she’s going through therapy and support group sessions, she doesn’t see herself quitting anytime soon.

“I’m among human beings. If I show them that I fear them, then I’ve lost half of the battle already. I treat them with respect as humans, so I get respect in return. There’s no reason for me to quit.”

“It’s worse out there…” – Erika
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Erika is courageous enough to admit that she has her weaknesses. “I’m emotionally, mentally and physically spent. I’m lucky I haven’t gotten covid infection. But you know what? It’s worse out there. That’s why I’d rather be in here than be a cop and deal with worse crimes,” Erika confesses.

In the end, Erika still considers herself lucky. “My current job is not only recession-proof but pandemic-proof as well. This was my motivation to ‘reinvent’ myself and find a more secure job. I bet many professionals in advertising and PR lost their jobs,” Erika concludes. 

If your job is this interesting, pays high and provides good benefits, why not?


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