On employee dignity and respect

Have you ever been embarrassed by your superior in front of other people? If you haven’t, don’t wait for it to happen.

Eden had the chance to work as a course adviser for a speech development school based in Manila. The job was promising. Her task was to entertain walk-in applicants who wished to enrol in a speech development class. After interviewing them, Eden would then evaluate their need and recommend to them the type of speech development module that would help them accordingly.

Eden’s first day on the job was devoted mostly to orientation and observation. On the second day, she would sit beside a senior co-adviser and familiarize herself with the process. By that day, Eden already noticed that her boss was always screaming at someone in particular.

The week passed with Eden’s boss always yelling at that specific colleague. Her boss’ office had glass walls. The blinds were always up, so everyone can see what’s happening inside. Day in and day out for one week, they would hear their boss yelling with rage at that particular employee. The entire office was a small one, so anyone who walks in can see and hear what was going on. The poor employee would always be seen with her head bowed, obviously in shame. On the third day, she was already shaking in tears.

Young and new as Eden was then, she felt a little scared. So she secretly asked a colleague what was going on. She was told not to ask if she wants to get out of “harm’s way”.


That Saturday of her first week at work, Eden called in sick. It was not because she was getting scared of her boss. She was genuinely sick of the flu. When she reported back the following Monday, one of her officemates said that the boss wanted her fired. The reason? The boss does not tolerate sickly employees.

To make the story short, Eden jumped the gun on her boss and resigned. Her officemates told her she made the right move, because she would most certainly be the next “flavor of the week”. And if she was unlucky enough, it would even take a month of yelling.

Apparently, Eden was told that the boss had this habit of picking on a particular employee and embarrass that person in front of everybody within earshot. There was even one resigned employee who did not escape the boss’ wrath that easily. The boss, Eden was told, even stalked that former employee and ruined her reputation to wherever she applied. Sick, isn’t it?

An angry boss must have a reason to really get mad at an employee. In fact, the lashing might even help strengthen the employee’s character. But to do that every day without valid reason, and in front of other people is a hard blow to one’s dignity. It’s just not right. Either you ship out, or sue the ass off of your boss.

(images courtesy of pixabay.com)

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