Courting Coron: Day 3

First on the itinerary on our third day in Coron was Siete Pecados, known for its cluster of seven rocks surrounded by rich marine life. In fact, I believe it’s considered a marine reserve and acknowledged as the best snorkeling spot in Coron.

two of the islets, or rocks, of Siete Pecados
two of the islets, or rocks, of Siete Pecados

I didn’t see all seven rocks. I heard someone from the group make a comment about the same thing, but no one cared to respond since everyone was so hyped by the prospect of snorkeling and feeding the fish. I consoled myself with the thought that we couldn’t see all the seven rocks probably because visitors are prohibited to go any farther than where we stayed.

What’s interesting about this particular spot is the folktale behind it. It was said that seven sisters went to swim in the area, much to the chagrin of their mother. They apparently drowned, and from the spot where they drowned grew seven rocks. Another version of the story said the seven girls were swimming in search of their parents, but never made it to shore. The first version is probably more feasible since “pecados” in Spanish means “sins”.

up and down we went, trying to whistle merrily to amuse ourselves
up and down we went, trying to whistle merrily to amuse ourselves

We then proceeded to Kayangan Lake, which is said to be the cleanest lake in the whole of Asia. Before we stepped out of the boat, we were forewarned that we would be covering 150 steps up and down toward the lake. There were minor groans of protest from the group, but the prospect of getting left behind with no photos to show of the famous lake on Facebook is considered a “pecado”.

The makeshift steps are steep and slippery since they’re roughly carved out of the mountain and always wet. I and another one from the group slipped on our way down. Luckily, we didn’t get seriously hurt.

Halfway up the steps, there are two roughly assembled benches which we welcomed with glee. Then our guides led us toward a slight detour to the left, saying there’s a surprise waiting for us. Now, that’s one way of keeping weary tourists excited.

Once on the spot, the guides didn’t need to say anything. The surprise presented itself to us in all its amazing glory. “So, this is the most photographed spot on this side of Coron!” was the common reaction heard from the group. Admitttedly, I didn’t even know that because just like any travel I make, I never do research before the trip. The surprise level rises a hundredfold for me that way πŸ˜‰


The magnificent view took the weariness away (plus, the path was downward from there). The lake itself was refreshing. It was indeed clean, but one look at the many tourists at that time dissipates the perception.

the clean Kayangan Lake
the clean Kayangan Lake

Afterwards, we headed for the Twin Lagoon. We had lunch at the outer lagoon, then headed for the inner lagoon for a swim. We were the only ones there, which was great because it gave us temporary isolation from the rest of the tourists who seemed to be following us wherever we go (of course, that’s just me being selfish). To get from the outer to the inner lagoon, we had two choices: use the ladder and squeeze ourselves through about a foot-wide crevice, or dive to the water and swim through a 2.5-meter wide hole between the two cliffs. Guess what most of us chose? Yeah, we were all confident that we’re that slim. The one brave soul who tried to dive got a nasty gash on her back for her attempt — and she was among the slimmest in the group, too!

Our next stop was for more fish feeding and a glimpse of the Skeleton Shipwreck, so called because all that’s left of this Japanese vessel was the frame. Apparently, there are about 10 Japanese shipwrecks sunk by American warplanes in 1944 — all spread in different parts of Coron.

From there, we proceeded to CYC (Coron Youth Club) Beach — the only beach in Coron that’s free. I will tell you more about our experience in this beach in my next blog. Back in town, we had dinner at Bistro Coron where we had probably the best pizza in Coron: the Bistro Pizza.

I want to love you, CYC!
I want to love you, CYC!
sea urchin of CYC. See the red dot? That's the eye.
sea urchin of CYC. See the red dot? That’s the eye.

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  1. ganda din pala sa coron…i have been to palawan twice – puerto princesa’s underground river chaka sa lagen, el nido pero i have to go back to palawan pala to see beautiful coron πŸ˜‰

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