30 pieces of silver

Have you betrayed anyone? I’m afraid I have, one way or another, based on the dictionary’s definition of the word “betray“. No, I did not deliver anyone to an enemy. I have, however, shamelessly broken someone’s trust and confidence in me.

Even if it’s unintentional, it’s never a pretty thought to betray anyone. In fact, the nagging feeling of guilt lasts way after the betrayal had been done. The only solution, really, is to talk to the person you betrayed face to face.

Not by SMS, FB chat/PM/wall post, tweet, email…you get the point.

Apologize and face the consequences. Do not justify what you did, unless asked. But before you go to the person you betrayed, give yourself time. Never apologize if you’re not emotionally ready. Saying sorry unprepared may lead to aggravation. The other person may get angry, and you may instinctively end up defending yourself.

Talk about it to a person you trust the most. Talk to a priest. Talk to yourself. Pray. Do whatever works for you until you’re ready. You’ll know it when the time comes.

As for me, I’m almost there. Writing about it helps me prepare. I may lose a friend after this, but I deserve it.

No one is worth 30 pieces of silver if it means losing that person you have come to love.

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